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A man with short dark hair and a beard is wearing a pink button-up shirt and smiling in front of a blank background

Name: Casey P. terHorst, PhD
Position: Associate Professor at CSUN
Expertise: Biology (ecology and evolution)
Something to know: I’m a vegetarian!

A young woman with shoulder length brown hair and glasses stands in front of a wall and green scenery.

Name: Meaghan Clark, MS
Position: About to start a PhD program at MSU
Expertise: Biology (genetics, amphibians, evolution)
Something to know: I have a pet bearded dragon named Fred

Name: Jeanne Marie Robertson, PhD
Position: Associate Professor at CSUN
Expertise: Biology (evolution and behavior in amphibians and reptiles)

Name: Kate Fremlin, MSc
Position: Doctoral student at Simon Fraser University
Expertise: Biology (wildlife biology)

A young blonde woman is smiling with a snake wrapped around her arm.

Name: Jennica Moffat
Position: Masters student at CSUN
Expertise: Biology (ecology, evolution, and jelly fish)
Something to know: My favorite activity in the world is SCUBA diving (followed closely by hanging out with my dog!)
Twitter: @JennicaMoffat

Name: Carmen Hoffbeck
Position: Masters student at CSUN
Expertise: Biology (microbiology and ecology) and Mathematics
Something to know: I play four instruments and record music with my sister when I get time off of research.
Twitter: @CarmenHoffbeck

A man with a teal shirt and dark curly hair sits smiling with a large brown dog with pointy ears.

Name: Pouya Jamshidi, MD
Position: Resident Physician, University of Chicago-Northshore, Neuropathology Fellow
Expertise: Medicine, Human Biology, Neuroscience
Something to know: I was trained as an orchestra conductor before pursuing medicine.
Twitter: @PJamshidi_MD

A young woman with black hair, a black sweater, and blue jeans rides a yellow bike while holding a leash of a black and white dog. Its tongue is out.

Name: Huan Fan, PhD
Position: Postdoctoral Scholar, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Expertise: Biology (genomics)
Something to know: I use a Nokia 2610

A woman with long brown hair and a blue hat, puffy black coat, and mittens, kneels with a snowy background.

Name: Anne Sophie Daloz, PhD
Position: Senior Researcher, CICERO
Expertise: Climate change, Meteorology
Something to know: I love rugby!

Name: Chelsea Brisson
Position: Masters student at CSUN
Expertise: Biology (ecology, evolution, marine biology, corals)
Something to know: I play water polo, mountain bike, climb, and hike.
Twitter: @brisson_chelsea